SAA 2.0 Beta Released!

Its finally here! The list of changes is too great to post everything, but the short list is that it’s basically a totally new script. Everything has been coded from scratch, totally optimized, totally OOP, totally PHP5.3+, and totally awesome.

Please refrain from using the script on your live site until 2.0 Stable has been released! In the meantime, we would appreciate as much testing as everyone can provide.

A special thanks should be made to Ryan Hutton, Golevel’s senior programmer and author of all of SAA’s 2.0 code, including the framework. Be sure to thank him for all of his volunteer work in creating this awesome free script! Also, we’d like to thank the developers that created JQuery and AJAX, we used those libraries to create the UI elements used throughout SAA.

You can download beta version here:!

Happy bug hunting! If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please post them as new items here:

-Team Golevel