StandAloneArcade 1.4 Released!

StandAloneArcade 1.4 stable has just been released! You can download this now by visiting and clicking “Download Now”

The major components of this update include the completion of the language, plugins, and themes systems. Now you can easily create extensions to our awesome product! Other major new features include an SEO manager, menu manager, and AJAX comments for games and user profile pages.

In addition to these major sections, we’ve added literally hundreds of minor improvements and new features. If you view the user side of the arcade, you’ll see the completely reworked home page, complete with a slide-show for featured games as well as several new content blocks for better organized games. If you head to the Admin CP, you’ll notice that several of the areas have been upgraded to include drag-and-drop features and lots of polished aesthetics.

And of course, we want to thank our sponsors who are making all of this possible! This update would not have happened if not for the great support from Adam Schroeder, Chris Hughes, Merlin Gore, and many others from and who worked with us on improving the systems that power the automatic game adding systems and the new featured games section. Be sure to check out the new “Sponsors” information section in the SAA Admin CP where you can learn more about how you can help them by sponsoring a new game and promoting your arcade.

If you’d like to see the new version in action, head over to our live demo.

Team SAA