StandAloneArcade is going free!

Over the past year, we’ve built an amazing social arcade platform. We’re really proud of what we’ve done and the great things our team and customers have accomplished with the early versions of our project. As of our last update some months ago, we’ve been getting a lot of suggestions that we really love, but the dreams and possibilities were outside of what the pay-per-license system allowed for. Our small team of six had to focus on short term advances instead of the greater long term goals and the full package that we want for both ourselves and more importantly, the publishers using our software.

Not any more.

With the help of a coalition of industry leaders, StandAloneArcade will be going through regular, reliable cycles of sponsor-funded updates. In fact, we’ve already been working hard on this and are almost ready to release SAA 1.3, which integrates brand new, super easy streams of quality Flash games via the API. Over the next few updates, in addition to additional API support for 3rd parties, we’re going to put a major focus on front-end functionality and features (eye candy!).

Did we mention it’s going to be free?

Our sponsors have made it possible for us to release our software completely for free. Zero. Nada. You pay nothing and get everything.

Is there a catch?

Nope. Our sponsors are taking care of everything. Starting with SAA 1.3, all releases will be completely free. Anyone that purchased the older versions of SAA will be permanently upgraded for Premium Service Membership on our support forums upon request. Premium Service Membership is a new line of support that includes free professional installations, ftp support, professional updates, etc. It’s the works.

Don’t thank us, thank our sponsors! We love what we do, and they’re making this dream possible. Our sponsors all offer services of some kind that benefit the Flash gaming industry, whether they cater to developers, publishers, or people that want to advertise through games. We’ll be adding information on addition sponsors over the next few weeks.

-Team SAA